Friday, 12 December 2014

I'm Nominated for Best Variety Blog!

The Homeschool Post

Imagine my surprise when I discovered I've been nominated for... Best Variety Blog over at the Homeschool Blog Awards!!!  After reading Angela's astonishment at being nominated for Best Nitty Gritty Blog (perfect nomination for her!) I wandered over and received my own pleasant surprise.

HSBA define a Best Variety Blogger as:
"This blogger is one that could fit in any of these categories...but they just can't be pinned down in ONE. This type of bloggers is always moving on from one thing to the next...and always keeping you interested in coming back for more!"

Oh wow, always keeping you interested in coming back for more, I sure hope so.  I do know I have some delightful, loyal readers and commentators, and I thank you for being you.  A big thank you to the lovely person/s who nominated me, I am honoured and humbled.

There is a great roll up of bloggers for the Awards, this year, some familiar and some new ones to discover, in 20 different categories! A shout out to those I know, though I'm sure the others are just as worthy, a great way to spread the blog love.

As I look over the list I'm sharing with you, I realised, all except four bloggers I have forged real (albeit online) and precious friendships with. Women whom I otherwise would never have 'met', whose friendships have enriched my life.

Best Crafts, Plans and Projects
Every Bed of Roses - Our Aussie Chareen, who has such energy and many terrific projects (originally from South Africa;)
Everyday Snapshots - Pam whose organisation I so appreciate
Shower of Roses - Jessica with her many brilliant Faith craft ideas, my 'go to' blog for liturgical celebrations every time

Best Current Events, Opinions and/or Politics
Carrots for Michelmas - Haley always makes me think, a good thing

Best Encourager
Forever, For Always, No Matter What - Jen, a mum of 6 children from many nations, an inspiration for that alone
Wildflowers and Marbles - Jen Mack who is encouraging to me and to all in so many ways

Best Homeschool Methods
A Peaceful Day - Our own Aussie Jeanne, so knowledgeable and experienced in Charlotte Mason methods, best of all we share a love of books
Stories of an Unschooling Family - Sue, a fellow Catholic Aussie, passionate about and successful in unschooling

Best Homeschool Mom
Amongst Lovely Things - Sarah who truly manages to juggle many, many interests (and children) successfully

Best Homeschool Nature and Field Trip
Campfires and Cleats - Chris is a long term reader here:) and has unique distinction of being nominated not only for this category but 3 in total! Chris is also up for the Best Encourager and Best Photos

Best Nitty-Gritty Homeschool
Three Plus Two - Angela, who keeps it real, interesting and thought provoking

Best Photos
Small Things - Ginny, whose gentle photos are inspirational

Best Super Homeschooler
Shower of Roses - Jessica truly is a Super Homeschooler! She accomplishes so much, is extremely creative and gracious too

Best Variety
Seven Little Australians & Counting;) - Yours truly who is still a little stunned to be included in the line up

Funniest Homeschool Blog
This Ain't The Lyceum - Kelly whom has challenges indeed!! but has managed to keep her sense of humour

Head on over and check out the roll up of homeschool bloggers:)

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Ensuite Awaitin'

Over the past year we have been making progress towards having our bathrooms and laundry 'up and functioning'. In the last few weeks the pace has picked up rapidly and it will soon be a reality!!:):)

We began work on our ensuite months ago, PC has worked so hard on all the tiling, I'm immensely proud of him

Our feature tiles took some fiddly work to evenly space, but I'm so happy with how they look  

As I walk into our room I just love looking at our enusite, clean and crisp, it makes me happy:)

Actually the ensuite was the first room PC finished, long before the bathroom and laundry

However I lost my painting mojo, only just completing that task with the aid of the older boys. 
The plumbers were here for a few days last week, making a start on installing the hardware, working on the sewage lines and connecting the hot water system. 

 PC has been madly building four bathroom cabinets each night this week so tomorrow the plumbers can come back to finish installing the hardware and connect the water.
Can you hear me squealing with excitement, we just may have functioning bathrooms and a laundry by this weekend!!!!!!

Monday, 8 December 2014

My Daybook: December 8th, 2014

Outside my window...
it's all dark, complete night time dark in the country

I am thankful...
for my very talented husband who is working 'round the clock' to finish the bathrooms and laundry in time for Christmas.  I am thankful he is able to 'turn his hand' to any task and complete the job well. Tiling and building 4 bathroom cabinets is his current task

I am thinking...
it's time I got serious about weight lose and exercise again.  All that weight I lost for the Weddings.. all and more has crept back and settled around my waist

Learning all the time...
learning in December is all a 'hard slog'. Achieving a little; Advent readings, reading practice, spelling lessons with teens and a fierce race is ongoing between our middles in regards to their maths lessons. Neither child wants the other to 'get ahead' of where they are at, so sneaked lessons are all the rage

Celebrating the liturgical year......
Advent is now in full swing; we've celebrated the Feasts of St Barbara, St Nicholas and two Sundays of Advent thus far. We've enjoyed several of our Advent books and a few of the Jesse Tree books, mostly though I'm happy we are managing prayers most nights with our Advent Wreath and enjoying our Advent chapter book

From the kitchen...
lamb shanks tonight, a rare treat. College boy is keen to bake these when he goes back to the City.

I am creating...
  • order out of chaos, at least that's the plan 
  • functioning bathrooms!
I am working on...
deep cleaning the house, washing walls, windows etc, a deep de-clutter too.
I have a list, I have a plan, I just need willing helpers...

I am going...
op-shopping tomorrow in search of clothes.  I realised all my good tops are black! Black isn't really my colour and it seems such an uninspiring choice this time of the year, hoping to find bright, festive colours

I am hoping...
I find my calm and begin to make the most of 'living in the now', I have a tendency to sometimes get caught up in my 'to do's'

I am praying...
for a grieving couple who are mourning the lose of their unborn babe

I am pondering....
the joy of celebrating Christmas and my bafflement regards Christians who don't celebrate Christmas.

I am reading...
gluten and dairy free cookbooks and all about good bacteria and probiotics. One of our children is currently trialing a gluten and dairy free diet and seeing good results.  I'm thinking about how this will translate for some of our Christmas favourite dishes.

I am hearing...
the quieter sounds of the night, with children spread throughout the house all quietly occupied. Older boys playing computer games in the study with me, other older 'children' reading in other rooms, some 'middles' finishing up a DVD in the loungeroom, PC grouting tiles in the bathroom, mostly though I'm not hearing the little ones, thankfully Bella is asleep. Yes Bella is asleep!!:):)

I am struggling...
unsuccessfully at times, to keep my cool whilst we juggle building decisions, plumbers and electricians, painting, final tiling and building four bathroom/laundry cabinets. As well as a full house with all ten children home, which translates to different dynamics and children who are doing their best to party 24/7, whilst Mama wants to complete her Christmas shopping and undertake deep clean the house for Christmas. Add in an 11 month old baby, who overnight has become demanding and rapidly mobile needing constant supervision. Really struggling to keep my cool.

Clicking around...
  • haunting Ebay and Gumtree whilst I shop for Christmas presents.  Solving the challenge of country town options and Christmas on on a budget.
  • Jen has passed on the 7 Quick Takes hostessing baton. I'm thinking it might be a good time for me to leave 7 Quick Takes and post more Daybooks instead, what do you think? Know anyone who is hosting Daybooks?
Around the house...
well attempting to deep clean, the older boys de-cobwebbed the house on the weekend and I finished de-cluttering the learning room today, so feeling better for the progress. 

One of my favorite things...
crossing tasks off my 'to buy' and 'to do' lists.  I'll even add forgotten tasks after completion, just so I can cross them off;)

A few plans for this week...
  • it's our Wedding Anniversary on Friday, so a date with my darlin':)
  • homeschool support group's end of year BBQ
  • Princess' ballet concert on the weekend
  • bathrooms to be 'up and running' by the weekend:) Involves PC to complete bathroom cabinets and the plumber to come back and connect the water 
  • cleaning, de-cluttering, shopping, party planning (we're hosting a mega party for friends on the 20th) 
  • I must be sure to 'plan' down time, hanging out, playing with and simply enjoying our children 
A little peek at my day...
let's see today went something like....a little cleaning, a lot of nursing and chasing Bella whilst trying to clean, 'hunting' children off screens and re-directing (fall out from partying 24/7), online present shopping, decision making with electricians regards hot water system, conversations with older children, a little more cleaning, ballet run (thankfully undertaken by Anna Maria - I'm so blessed to have adult children in residence), finally a moment to unwind once Bella is asleep, so like all good bloggers I write:)

Friday, 28 November 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 212)

Logged onto my computer tonight to discover my number one fan PC, disappointed that I hadn't yet written this week's 7 Quick Takes, had hacked my drafts and written seven points for me!

#1.  I am cool and serene
#2.  I am in control of all things
#3.  I am the best person for the job at hand
#4.  Welcome to my world where I reign supreme
#5.  I get the best results from everything I do
#6.  I succeed where others would stumble and fall
#7.  Enjoy my seven extremely good takes this week

You may note PC has a theme interwoven, it's all relating to my ahem rapid unraveling this week. I've been feeling rather overwhelmed, my head spins round and round thinking, so much to do... where do I begin... what task do I many presents to organise...building projects to manage and plan for... bathtubs arriving, basins arriving, benchtops to source...Advent to plan... parties, rehearsals...graduations...Advent to Celebrate....birthday...Wedding Anniversary.....I'll just hyperventilate and procrastinate another day.

Christmas wishlists are the hot topic at present, lists have been printed with a column for each child to write their wishes/suggestions on.  Found Bella's (11mths) column with a suggestion written by a sibling - mouth guard! Yep a good idea considering not only has she pushed her tooth back up the gum when she pulled a chair onto herself, but she has fallen or knocked herself three times since and made her gum bleed each time!

Baby brag: Whilst Bella has been able to drink from a glass for a couple of months now, today I handed her a glass of water, she took the glass to her lips and drank all without spilling, totally unaided!  Growing way too fast.

After reading Dressing Your Truth last week, I researched further and discovered (thanks to my cousin) John Kitchener, Personal Stylist.  DYT seems a little too boxed for me, and further information made me uncomfortable about the author, however as with many areas you can select which information you keep and discard.  As a result when clothes shopping today I looked beyond my usual and bought a couple of stripey skirts, I think they look good though a little uncertain as it's different look for me, I felt reasonably comfortable so I think that's a good point.

I was rather interested to read about the Tattoo artist who became a monk. The image of him riding up to the monastery on his Harley for vocations day keeps bringing a smile to my face.  Tattoos are extremely common in our country town, with a large percentage of the population sporting full body tattoos; arms, legs, heads, necks, both males and females.  Perhaps there is a vocation or two budding here.

Off to garage sales tomorrow with some of my favourite people, we're all hoping to score big for Christmas presents, wouldn't it be awesome if I found the bulk of the items on my list! A girl can dream can't she:)

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Early Reader Series

Supporting our new reader in her search for engaging books suitable for her reading level has been been a challenge. Like all our children Jelly Bean loves to find series or authors and then binges:) When I asked her to share her five favourite series the following were her choices in preferential order.  Of course our previously shared Mercy Watson still comes in as top choice!

Arnold Lobel's Frog and Toad series was a huge hit!  Simple, humorous stories about two friends, humour is always a winner with Jelly Bean.  Print is large, pictures too, non-intimidating.  Four books; Frog and Toad TogetherFrog & Toad Are Friends, Frog and Toad All Year, Days with Frog & Toad comprise the series. JB also loved Owl At Home by the same author.

A new find, the Kid Cowboy series by Catherine Coe also receives a high five from JB. Thus far she has enjoyed Rocky Rodeo and School Scare and eagerly awaits more from our town library. Large print with bright pictures, lessons to learn.

Whilst the following two series are aimed more at the girl market, Sally Rippin has also written a series to capture boy's interest too, Hey Jack!

Jelly Bean has devoured nearly all of Sally Rippin's Billie B Brown books. Initially The Soccer Star caught her interest, being a player herself, then she went on to read all of them! (there are a lot) Large print with smaller pictures, aimed at the 7 year old age group, whilst these books are dubbed by our teens as complete twaddle, they do fill a need.

Ella & Olivia - Yvette Poshoglian
A new series recently discovered, JB really enjoyed these.  Whilst not great literature (dubbed twaddle again) they have helped in encouraging our new reader to continue enjoying the world of print.  Large print but a 'step up' with more lines on each page compared to the above books.

By JB's favourite author Kate De Camillo of the Mercy Watson fame, Bink & Gollie and it's sequel Bink & Gollie: Two for One were humorous and entertaining.  Whilst the print wasn't large, there were only a few lines on each page accompanied by bright pictures.

HT: When discerning whether the print will intimidate an early reader or not, I find it useful to use Amazon's 'Look Inside' feature.

Advent Roundup

This Sunday we begin Advent, I'm longing for the commencement of Advent this year.  Looking forward to that feeling of Expectation as we travel towards Celebrating the Birthday of the Christ Child.

Collating our various Advent posts into an Advent Roundup for your perusal.  

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Monday, 24 November 2014

This Week in Learning: November 21st, 2014

Whilst learning has been happening during the three weeks since I last shared, when you don't write learning notes weekly, despite your best intentions to remember all you don't.  Fortunately I did jot down some notes so I have a general idea of some of what we learnt.

The previous weeks have been disrupted thanks to medical dramas and Carpenter's homecoming for his College holidays. Also it's nearing the end of the academic and calendar year and the heat has been intense, 40C (100F) days without air conditioning so the children are flagging, most days I'm pushing and prodding them along.  Not my favourite way for them to learn and not entirely effective.

Michelangelo(15) is currently the most diligent, achieving a majority of his studies despite the distractions.  He's still reading his Didache studies, focusing on the Sacraments at present including Baptism and Marriage and most keen on Beginning Apologetics, having just studied the Eucharist and Sola Scriptora. He and I have managed to complete a few lessons of All About Spelling and he also achieved a couple of dictation lessons courtesy of Spelling Wisdom, his spelling ability is improving:) Michelangelo has put a massive effort into his maths lessons, studying for an hour a day, as he is determined to complete his current grade by the end of the year.

Science Matters continues to be a positive choice for him, says it is most interesting and he is learning alot.  Our history choice is a bit too much of a stretch, I was worried it would be, so we'll find a different fit next year.  Geography studies have reached the 'boring parts,' mostly focusing on Earth Science, nothing really new for him there.  Michelangelo has expressed an interest to focus more on the universe and new space discoveries next year.  As usual Michelangelo has avidly read plenty of books including the latest Brotherband book and a re-read of some of the previous ones as well as a couple of Sebastian Darke's books (really good) and The Princess and the Captain(very sad ending), he also spent hours listening to Deltora Quest on his MP3 player.

Princess(13) is lagging, the year end can't come fast enough for her.  She is just 'going through the motions' in completing some of her studies, though she likes studying the Catechism, next year I'll introduce her to the Beginning Apologetics, she may enjoy them. She did complete some of her dictation lessons the fact she didn't manage more is partly my fault, I need be certain to be more available. Princess has kept up with reading her poetry studies and her nature readings.  Maths is a challenge for her as she has completed the 'easy' lessons and now has the more difficult ones to complete.

Photo Credit: Michelangelo
Motivation is a struggle at this time of the year, how much should you push, when connections aren't happening? Sometimes though we need to 'go through the motions' to form habits for connections to have a chance to occur.  Though I suspect in this heat connections aren't going to be many.  Probably need to change focus for the last three weeks of the school year.  Any ideas?

Like the older children, the younger ones are also flagging. Jelly Bean expressed a dislike of our tick boxes, the children's 'to do' lists, they made her feel pressured to tick, a 'tick box mentality' (my summation of her conversation).  This is always my concern with sheets, whilst they are a useful tool for direction and recording, they can also produce that mentality.  Anyhow currently trialing for the younger three a 4Rs list, in which I keep the notes.

Jelly Bean has hit a hard spot in her maths which is producing tears, we had a little break from maths but trying again, frustratingly she has a tendency to give up.  The boys continue to fly through their lessons, though all three children have a horror of answering any questions incorrectly, if they do they log out immediately and try again later, a bit of an odd and unhelpful approach.

Jelly Bean and Jack Jack have been enjoying writing stories, it's been lovely to see their enthusiasm to creative writing.  They have a couple of 'on going' pieces they are working on.

We're reading The Marvelous Inventions of Alvin Fernald and should finish it this week in time for Advent.  We're also wrapping up Amy Steedman's A Little Child's Life of Jesus, it's a lovely, reflective book. Jelly Bean has concentrated diligently on her reading, her massive (and incomplete) list below shows just what a marvelous effort she has been doing.  At this stage she is focusing on easy books and we're happy for her to master them first before we encourage her to try the more advanced chapter books. Jack Jack has been reading too, though not as many hours as JB.  He's re-reading all the Ladybird readers, which is good for his confidence.

Most exciting, I have begun Jem on Level 1 in AAR and love it!!! It really is an excellent program, which I plan on reviewing when we finish this book, for now I'll share the letter tiles, the revision each lesson of the previous lesson, the mastery of the cards (which I've laminated for durability) all adds to the brilliancy of this program.

We abandoned Leaping into Literature sometime during the previous weeks, though sharing a remnant of books read prior to our desertion.

Leaping into Literature
Meet Captain Cook - Rae Murdie 3 Star
Meet the Anzacs - Claire Saxby 3 Star
On a Beam of Light - A Story of Albert Einstein - Jennifer Berne 4 Star 
Jandamarra - Mark Greenwood 3 Star
Bats at Library- Brian Lies 2 Star
Diary of a Worm - Doreen Cronin 1.5 Star
All Through the Year - Jane Goodwin 1.5 Star

Jelly Bean's Pile (Incomplete)
Billie B Brown: The Little Lie - Sally Rippin
Billie B Brown: The Birthday Mix-Up - Sally Rippin
Ark Adventures: Crazy Chameleons! - Sally Grindley
Ark Adventures: Giant Giraffes! - Sally Grindley
Ark Adventures: Pesky Sharks! - Sally Grindley
Little House Books: Christmas in the Big Woods - Laura Ingalls Wilder
Little House Books: A Little House Birthday - Laura Ingalls Wilder
Little House Books: County Fair - Laura Ingalls Wilder
Favourite Bedtime Tales: Little Gingerbread Man, Little Red Hen, Three Little Pigs
Billie B Brown: The Bully Buster - Sally Rippin
Billie B Brown: The Best Project - Sally Rippin
Billie B Brown: The Big Sister - Sally Rippin
Billie B Brown: The Secret Message - Sally Rippin
Billie B Brown: The Extra-special Helper - Sally Rippin
Frog and Toad Are friends - Arnold Lobel
Frog and Toad All Year - Arnold Lobel
Days with Frog and Toad - Arnold Lobel
Owl At Home - Arnold Lobel
Big, Bad Bear - Zila Todd
The Giving Tree- Shel Silverstein
I Will Surprise My Friend!: An elephant and Piggie Bk- Mo Willems
Happy Pig Day!: An elephant and Piggie Bk- Mo Willems
Listen to my Trumpet!: An elephant and Piggie Bk- Mo Willems
The Long House in Danger: Olaf the Viking - Elizabeth Laird
The Dark Forest: Olaf the Viking - Elizabeth Laird
Berenstain Bear and the Tic-Tac-Toe Mystery
The Princess and the Kiss - Jennie Bishop

Sharing at The Wine Dark Sea's Guilt Free Learning Notes

Jesse Tree in Picture Books

With Advent fast approaching my thoughts are turning toward preparations and celebrations.  It's been several years since we've celebrated with a Jesse Tree, but after reading Ellie's Jesse Tree in Picture Books I've felt re-inspired. Can't promise we'll manage making and hanging symbols but readings I can easily manage. Pulling our books off the shelves I realised we have a serious lack of Bible picture books, a situation which I immediately addressed by purchasing a couple of new books for St Nicholas presents;) (included in this list).

By no means is this a 'definitive' list, Sara's list and Ellie's retain that honour, as I know Jenn's will too (list coming). This list is really for me to keep myself accountable to my reading plans. There are various Jesse Tree lists and I was confused and unsure of which Bible figure to read on what day, in the end I decided to just 'run with' Ellie's patriarch's for now. The books pictured above and marked with an * are really the 'cream of the crop', the Lion's Story Bible books and My Bible Friends are 'gap filler's' from my childhood. The My Bible Friends is a ten book set published by the Seventh Day Adventists, the pictures and text are rather 'nice', I'm fond of them as they are part of my childhood memories. The Lion's Bible Stories aren't particularly exciting but they are solid. I have plans to build our library in this area, 'one day'.

There may well be other Jesse Tree picture book lists I'm unaware of please do tell me about them or any must have books you feel I should have.  I also have no idea of what to read over the O Antiphon days, would love suggestions.

Day 1: The Story of Creation
*The Story of the Creation - Jane Ray (are a few pages of frontal nudity)
In the Beginning - Penny Frank (The Lion Story Bible)

Day 2: Adam and Eve and the Fall
Adam and Eve - Penny Frank (The Lion Story Bible)

Day 3: Noah 
*Noah's Ark - Jerry Pinkney
*Noah's Ark - Jane Ray
*Noah's Ark - Peter Spier (wordless)
Noah and the Great Flood - Penny Frank (The Lion Story Bible)

Day 4: The Tower of Babel
*The Tower of Babel - William Wiesner

Day 5: The Promise to Abraham
Abraham, Friend of God - Penny Frank (The Lion Story Bible)

Day 6: Isaac and Abraham
Isaac Finds a Wife - Penny Frank (The Lion Story Bible)

Day 7: Jacob and Esau
Jacob & Esau - Penny Frank (The Lion Story Bible)

Day 8: Joseph
*Joseph - Brian Wildsmith
Joseph the Dream Teller - Catherine Storr (People of the Bible series)
Joseph's New Coat - Etta B Degering (My Bible Friends Series)
Joseph and His Brothers - Etta B Degering (My Bible Friends Series)
Joseph the Dreamer - Penny Frank (The Lion Story Bible)
Joseph and the King of Egypt - Penny Frank (The Lion Story Bible)

Day 9 & 10: Moses
*Exodus - Brian Wildsmith
*Moses: The Long Road to Freedom - Anne Keay Beneduce, Illust- Gennady Spirin
Baby Moses - Etta B Degering (My Bible Friends Series)
The Princess and the Baby - Penny Frank (The Lion Story Bible)

Day 11: Ruth
Ruth's New Family - Penny Frank (The Lion Story Bible)

Day 12: Samuel
Samuel the Little Priest - Etta B Degering (My Bible Friends Series)
God Speaks to Samuel - Penny Frank (The Lion Story Bible)

Day 13: David and Goliath
David and Goliath - Barbara Shook Hazen (Golden Book)
David, The Youngest Boy - Etta B Degering (My Bible Friends Series)
A King for Israel - Penny Frank (The Lion Story Bible)
A King for Israel - Penny Frank (The Lion Story Bible)
David and Goliath - Penny Frank (The Lion Story Bible)
King David - Penny Frank (The Lion Story Bible)

Day 14: Esther
Esther the Brave Queen - Etta B Degering (My Bible Friends Series)
Queen Esther Saves Her People - Penny Frank (The Lion Story Bible)

Day 15: Solomon
Solomon's Golden Temple - Penny Frank (The Lion Story Bible)

Day 16: Elijah
Elijah and the Time of No Rain - Etta B Degering (My Bible Friends Series)
A Room and A Boy - Etta B Degering (My Bible Friends Series)
Elijah asks for Bread - Penny Frank (The Lion Story Bible)
Elijah and the Prophets of Baal - Penny Frank (The Lion Story Bible)

Day 17: Jonah
**The Book of Jonah - Peter Spier
*The Hard to Swallow Tale of Jonah and the Whale - Joyce Denham
Jonah Runs Away - Penny Frank (The Lion Story Bible)

Day 18: King Belshazzar and the Writing on the Wall
Catholic Children's Bible in Colour

Day 19: Daniel in the Lion's Den
The Trials of Daniel - Catherine Storr (People of the Bible series)
Daniel and His Friends - Etta B Degering (My Bible Friends Series)
Daniel and the Lions - Etta B Degering (My Bible Friends Series)
Daniel in the Lion's Den - Penny Frank (The Lion Story Bible)

Day 20: The Annunciation and the Visitation
*Mary the Mother of Jesus - Tomie dePaola

Days 21-27: The O Antiphons
Day 21: O Wisdom
Day 22:O Lord
Day 23: O Flower
Day 24: O Key
Day 25: O Radiant Dawn
Day 26: O King
Day 27: O Emmanuel

Day 28: The Nativity (Christmas Eve)
*The Story of Christmas - Jane Ray
*The Nativity - Francesca Crespi
More Nativity books